restructure re‧struc‧ture [ˌriːˈstrʌktʆə ǁ -ər] verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] COMMERCE if a company restructures, or someone restructures it, it changes the way it is organized or financed:

• The iron ore company has restructured its operations.

• The group will restructure, reducing the workforce by as much as 19%.

— see also downsize
2. [transitive] FINANCE if a company restructures its debts, it makes an agreement with lenders to pay the debts in a different way to the one agreed before:

• The troubled department store failed to make scheduled interest payments and faces bank demands that it restructure its debt.

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restructure UK US /ˌriːˈstrʌktʃər/ verb
[I or T] MANAGEMENT, WORKPLACE to organize a company, business, or system in a new way to make it operate more effectively: »

The price has gone up and down amid talk of restructuring the company.


Retirees have had to accept drastically reduced retirement and health benefits as the industry has restructured.


The company may also have to restructure the way it processes transactions.

[T] FINANCE if a company restructures its debt, it arranges to pay back its debt in a different way or at a later time than was originally agreed: »

The merger will provide a means of restructuring the company's debt.


Talks continue about restructuring a £220 million bond, which is due to be repaid in January.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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